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Dont we all love jewelry and receiving jewelry? Little gifts from time to time for special and not-so-special occasions are always welcome.

Surprises often seem even best – to receive something out of the blue when least expected  always makes even a dark day seem brighter.

I love it when I go to my mail box to get the mail and some little package is there that has come from afar. I began receiving these little gifts, though I was the one who purchased them, I never knew when they were to arrive, as can take up to 2 months ,so by the time I receive them, it feels almost like Christmas.

I buy alot from auctions and the deliveries end up coming from overseas so some days I receive dozens of packages and other times even more.Trying to inventory them all, became increasingly difficult so I began giving alot of them away, having them shipped directly to family and friends, just to provide them with a little pick-me-up to let them know I was thinking of them and also to save me from having to inventory them,lol.

Often by the time a package arrives it always is a pleasant surprise and now I look

forward to checking the mail every day to see whats new that came.

I wanted to share this little pleasure, so began buying more and more and having little gifts shipped directly to family and friends – without telling them. Then they would receive their little gifts that often arrived at times when they may need that little pick-me-up.

Some dont even know I send them, others do and all tell me how exciting it is to receive a nice gift in the mail, whenever they arrive.

So now that I have been at it for a few years and have purchased 1000s of pieces of jewelry, jewelry-making materials and have shipped ‘gifts’ directly to hundreds of friends and family, I have decided to begin a club, one which will enable me to continue buying great quality pieces of jewelry and sharing them with even more people.

Simply check out my website ~ join and subscribe to the Jewelry Club~!

Then once a month by average, you will begin to receive new pieces of jewelry that I will send to you, after each subscription payment is received.

The jewelry I will send to you will always be worth much more than your subscription ! Rings  valued  up to $79 as well as bracelets necklaces brooches and sometimes even watches and or charms. I even make jewelry now and use the finest materials, jade, turquoise, jasper, agate and many other precious stones!

You can see some of my growing collections on ArtRevu where I am both the owner and a member. I still have alot of inventorying to do to post all my other jewelry but you can follow me and  check out my profile page

Certainly you can always pick any other pieces to buy in a pinch when you want to send something to a friend and I will always ship within 24 hours of any sale. I have alot of jewelry for sale as I buy more daily  so i will be listing all my jewelry on ArtRevu for sale

As a club member who likes “surprise gifts” you can subscribe to my new jewelry club and receive a new piece of jewelry every month that I will select and send direct to you .

For International members I will personally select a fine piece of jewelry from my auctions and have it  shipped to you directly from the auction seller, so I can keep shipping costs down and be able to include foreign memberships as well.

Your jewelry may arrive in little bubble wrapped envelope or small package.  I send jewelry from here in the USA to all my USA members.  At certain times for my international members, I may ship from here but will combine shipping with up to 3 items at a time, in the same package and ship about 3 months as well, if you want.

The fun of this club is,  I promise,  you will receive beautiful pieces of jewelry –

1 piece per month or 12 pieces a year and surprise bonuses pieces, along the way as well.

These make great gifts to yourself as you know you deserve it , or to give away to others you care about.

I guarantee every piece of jewelry will be worth more than your subscription fee of $9.95 a month.

I buy every piece of jewelry individually at auctions from all over the world, so often they are the only one of their kind available so even if your friends join, you each will most likely always be receiving different pieces of jewelry.

Your subscription will be monthly starting the day you enroll and you can cancel anytime.

You can also start a ‘gift subscription’ for someone else if you want to have gift jewelry sent to a  relative or friend. All you need do is let me know where to send your  jewelry.


Subscribe Here at: 

You will receive gift pieces of jewelry every month as long as you keep your membership~!

Unsubscribe Anytime you want to:


Unique STUD EARRINGS for Sale

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48960 Large Amber Austrian Crystals -Letter "D"- 9k Gold Filled Stud Earrings 85576 Stabilized 10mm Turquoise Ball Beads Mounted on Silver Stud Earrings 55256 Brilliant Clear Cubic Zirconia 14k White Gold Filled Square Studs Studio 54 PINK Swarovski Crystals 10 mm Disco Ball Polymer Clay 14k WGP Studs 52808 LARGE Gold Tone Bohemia Dangle 14k GP Stud Earrings
97579 Flower Design Sterling Silver Stud Studs Earrings 30624 Sparking Cubic Zirconia Square 9k Gold Two Tone Filled Stud Studs Earrings 65409 Large Aqua Rhinestone Rectangle Stud Earrings 09134~ Red Star Cubic Zirconia 9k White Gold Filled Stud Earrings 45796 Cute Handpainted Enamel OWL 14k Gold Filled Stud Earrings
63554 Fun Owl Austrian Crystal 9k Gold Filled Stud Studs Earrings 87293 Hand Painted White Enamel Flowers Rhinestones 9k Yellow Gold Filled Studs 10676 Black Onyx Austrian Crystal Royal Swans 9k Gold Filled Stud Earrings Crystal Clear Floral Design Cubic Zirconia 9K White Gold Filled Studs 97041 Flower Design Sterling Silver Stud Studs Earrings
61963 Retro Crystal Rose Flower Pirate Ship 9k GF Stud Earrings 02500 Pink Austrian Crystals 9k Gold Filled Stud Earrings 99003 Turtle Green Enamel Vintage Gold Plated Stud Earrings 85658 Orange Daisy White Gold Filled Stud Earrings 60728 "A" Bouquet Austrian Crystals 9k Gold Filled Stud Earrings
Studio 54 BROWN Swarovski Crystal 8 mm Disco Ball Polymer Clay 14k WGF Studs Studio 54 Purple Swarovski Crystals 8 mm Disco Ball Polymer Clay 14k WGP Studs 85599 Childrens Green Rabbit CZ 9k Gold Filled Stud Earrings 82232 Handpainted Black&White Enamel 9kGold Filled Heart CZ Stud Stiuds Earrings 72357 Red Enamel Handpainted Fish 14k Gold Plated Studs
77399 Square Round Multi-Color Rhinestone Stud Earrings 75738 Starfish Shaped Rhinestone Gold Ear Stud Earrings
ArtRave Earrings

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Tibetan Silver Hook Earrings & More

Perfect accent & addition to any wardrobe, hypoallergenic, dangles on silver plated earring hook wires including different colors of jade, turquoise and/or crystals on Tibetan Silver platform charms assembled into hand made earrings .

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Just click picture and see my latest sale/auction details & order information

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